Hyd Girl Who ‘Bakes Social Awareness’ Gets Selected For Prestigious International Programme

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: ‘Young Leaders for Active Citizenship’ (YLAC) is an esteemed International programme that aims to increase the participation of young people in the policy-making process and build their capacity to lead change.

As an incubator for the future generation of leaders and activists, the fellowship is built around three pillars – awareness, support and advocacy.

Selections are done from major cities of different countries. The work is guided by the Board of Advisors – Dr  Shashi Tharoor (Member of Parliament, India), Mr Baijayant Panda (Former Member of Parliament, India) and Prof. Michael Walton (Harvard University).

Ishvi Mathai of Class XI at Oakridge, Bachupally, has won a coveted spot into this programme after multiple rounds of qualifications. While she is a topper at school and a national-level swimmer, her recent entrepreneurship helped her clinch this spot.

Ever since the coronavirus spread has assumed global pandemic proportions leading to a nationwide lockdown in India, she has been looking for ways to lend her hand for victims in the crippling times of COVID-19 and the shutdown. She then came up with the idea of using her baking skills to raise money. Ishvi has been baking out of her home and serving her residential community. The money raised from it was donated to multiple charities in many forms including food kits to lockdown victims, transport kits for migrant workers and towards medical needs of the aged.

While she continues to raise funds for donations, she has also used her baking skills to make thought-provoking statements on contemporary social issues. She has made social cause-themed bakes and use this art of baking to spread her message on social media.

It was this ‘artistry in baking laced with social consciousness’ that the YLAC found exceptional and selected her for this prestigious programme.

Under this programme, candidates will be trained and mentored over a period of two months to broaden their perspective, think critically about their socio-political construct, tap their leadership potential and acquire skills to create long lasting impact.

Below are pictures that showcase Ishvi’s amazing baking talent and a message from Seva Bharathi complimenting her charity work.

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