Feluda COVID19 Test Kit Could Be As Simple As Your Pregnancy Test Kit: Find Out More

 - Sakshi Post

The first ever coronavirus test kit, Feluda is set for release in Delhi during the first week of December. Later it will be rolled out in places like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and other cities.

The kits will cost around Rs. 500. It is relatively cheaper and more resourceful than the standard test kits. It is simple to use as well. The results can be acquired under an hour after the swab samples are collected. If the results show two blue lines, it means that the person is COVID positive; one line says you are negative.

A mobile app will also be available for ensuring more accurate results. A picture of the test strip can be clicked on the app, which will then examine it to show better results. The first test kits are said to be available at Apollo Hospitals owing to the partnership deal they had with TATA Group.

Director-General of CSIR, Shekar C Mande said that, our young scientists have done an amazing job and provided us with a product that can be helpful to people, globally. It indeed is a proud moment for India. 

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