Fall 2021 Admission To US Universities: Common Questions For Applications

 - Sakshi Post

The students might be working on their application for 2021 admissions. If you are looking to apply into U.S. universities, here is some basic information that you need to know.

If you want to know the deadline for Masters Programs and COVID-19 affect on it. Well mostly the colleges decide their own deadlines. Yes, due to COVID-19, there might be certain changes in the deadline, so it is best to check the websites for it. In the United States, there is mostly Fall semester- August/September and Spring semester- January/February applications. The deadlines for fall semester are mostly October and March and for spring it is July and September. It is best to submit your application between these times. Check your preferred University website.

For a Bachelor's degree the same semesters will apply, Fall and Spring. As most of the admission related things are now happening online, it is best to check the college website. Some universities might have both spring and fall admissions while some might have just, the Fall one. Fall semester is generally from August to September. COVID-19 has resulted in a virtual version of all the university admission activities. 

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