Don't Miss: Pakistani Man's Three Wives Hunt To Find Fourth Wife For Husband

 - Sakshi Post

Pakistan: Adnan, a 22-year old gentleman living in Sialkot has married thrice. Now he is on a quest for finding his fourth bride. His wives are also helping find a bride for him. He is living happily with his wives and children. Adnan said that all of his wives live in harmony and have no problem with each other. He loves each of them unconditionally. His first marriage took place when he was only 16-years old.

His three wives, Shumbal, Shabana, and Shahida help each other with the household chores. They have divided the work. One wife cooks for him, while the other has taken up the responsibility of washing clothes. The wives being extremely supportive of their husband, are now helping Adnan find his new bride.

Adnan says that he only has one condition and that is for the girl’s name to begin with ‘S,’ matching the names of all his other wives. He shared that he is doing well in his career. With each marriage, his finances have only gotten better. Adnan currently resides in a house with 6 bedrooms and a drawing room.

Adnan is happy that his three wives are helping him and taking such good care of him.  

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