Coastal Andhra, Tamil Nadu Gear Up For Cyclone Nivar

 - Sakshi Post

After being hit with the Amphan cyclone in May, Tamil Nadu will now have to brace itself for another cyclone.

Bay of Bengal is about to be hit by a second cyclone after the Amphan cyclone in May. By next week, Tamil Nadu will have to prepare for a severe cyclone as heavy rains and winds will most likely hit the region in the next three days.

The cyclone has been updated to be 450km southeast of Tamil Nadu and 410km of Puducherry as of Tuesday Morning. India Meteorological Department (IMD) has sent out a warning. The cyclone is expected to intensify by Wednesday with 100-110km/hr wind speed.

Director General of IMD, Mrutyunjay Mohapatra said that the coast of Tamil Nadu; Karaikal and Mamallapuram areas will be the most severe. Tamil Nadu will be the worst hit state. The sea conditions and water levels of the Bay of Bengal will also take a turn. With rains expected to be more than 20cm, Tamil Nadu is now under red alert.

Rayalaseema, Telangana, coastal Andhra and parts of Karnataka are also expected to be hit by heavy rains by Nov 24 to 26 November. The most damage is expected to be observed by Tamil Nadu. The trees and huts could face damage. No fisherman is allowed in the sea for the coming days. 

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