UP Bride Calls Off Wedding After Groom's Friends Force Her To Dance

 - Sakshi Post

LUCKNOW: The bride and her family members called off the wedding after few of the groom's friends forced her to the dance floor. Even after the bride objected to this, the friends did not listen.

The incident took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly district. When the groom’s friends were trying to force the bride onto the dance floor, this action was not taken well by both the bride and her family. The arranged marriage was set by both the families. The groom was from Bareilly and the bride from Kannauj

The act led to a heated argument between both the families and the bride’s parents decided to call off the wedding. They didn’t want to give their daughter to a man who couldn’t stand up for her.

Later the bride’s family filed a complaint against the groom’s family and accused them of taking dowry. It was reported that the matter was settled after the groom’s family decided to pay Rs 6.5 lakh to the bride’s family.

It was being said that a few days after the incident took place, the groom and his family tried to convince the bride’s family to agree to the marriage. They will hold a simple ceremony. But both the girl and her family refused. 

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