Bigg Boss 4: Netizens Question Akhil's Trust Issues

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant Akhil Sarthak has been picking up fights with all the housemates ever since he came from the secret room. Last night, Akhil is seen being jealous over Monal as she didn’t support him. Akhil is seen sharing the pain with Sohel that Monal told me she will support me. I thought she will do but I didn’t expect her from this. For those who haven’t watched the episode, this piece of news is for you. Akhil chosen Sohel for the captaincy task and one housemate should carry them on their shoulders. Akhil hasn’t trusted Monal and she has chosen Sohel over her. Dethadi Harika trusted Monal and she carried Harika on her shoulders for a longer time. Because of Monal, Dethadi Harika has become a new captain of the house.

This has made him angry, when she came to talk to him, Akhil is seen telling to Monal, give me some time. He is showing a lot of attitude to her as she made Harika the captain for the next week.

Netizens are questioning on social media where is you angry, when you insulted her that you can’t trust her? They went on said that Akhil always prefers their friends but he will use Monal for his own benefits especially to get footage. Netizens are trolling Akhil badly on social media that he should learn a lesson from Monal that women are capable to do anything. They are funny memes on Akhil on social media. Take a look at them:

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