In Bengaluru, Only Residents With Parking Space Can Buy Vehicles

 - Sakshi Post

BANGALORE: In a meeting held on Tuesday headed by Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa, a possible act was being discussed. The Karnataka government is planning to give permission of buying vehicles only when the consumer owns a parking spot. Upon presenting proof of their parking space will only the person be given permission to purchase a vehicle.

The Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) had drafted the report on this Parking Policy 2.0. It was being said that such a policy is necessary owing to the increase in vehicles over the past few years. Parking space both public and private needs to be managed in the city.

People park their vehicles on both sides of the road. Half the road is blocked by vehicles which people do not even take out for several days. It is becoming difficult even for the workers to sweep roads under such conditions. There was a need for us to take action, said BDA chairperson S R Viswanath.

During the meeting suggestions were made on using vacant lands and sites as parking spots. Vacant government owned lands can also be utilized. Furthermore there could be a ban on parking within one-km radius of a multi-level parking facility. 

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