Abijeet Mind Games Could Make Him Win Bigg Boss 4 Telugu

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Abijeet Mind Games May Make Him A Winner

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is nearing its end with just a few weeks remaining for the grand finale. The fourth season has been quite different from the previous seasons. The latest buzz on social media are doing the rounds that the show is likely to get extended for two more weeks. But, it’s not officially announced by Nagarjuna or the show organizer's end. We have to wait for a few more weeks to know who will take the trophy. Show lovers are voting to their favorite contestants whenever they are in nomination to make them win. Looking at the current trend, Abhijeet could be a probable winner of this season.

Do you know, who said that Abhijeet's mind game might make him a winner? The former contestants and Bigg Boss Telugu winner Kaushal Manda.  If reports are to be believed, Kaushal said that ‘ Abhijeet is playing mind game but he is making to understand everything to the audience with his actions and words. He may not be strong physically but he is attracting the audience with his behavior’.

Probably, Abhijeet is the only contestant in the Bigg Boss house with 8 back to back nominations but he got saved from all elimination. He definitely has a big heart to shower his friends with so much love and affection even after they criticized him. Abhijeet and Akhil had a heated argument with each other in Monday’s episode. In yesterday's episode, Abhijeet is seen asking apology to Akhil after their mother's gesture, they became again friends in the house. Hats off to his friendship!

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