7 Wedding Guests Die As Bus Veers Off Steep Road In Kerala

 - Sakshi Post

KASARAGOD: In a tragic bus accident, 7 people including two children lost their lives. The incident occurred on Sunday, around 11.30am when a bus carrying a marriage party from Karnataka to Kerala, toppled and crashed into an abandoned house.

It crashed into a house in Panathur area of Kasaragod district, Kerala. Seven died in the accident and several were severely injured. According to the District Collector D Sajith Babu, all the injured members were rushed to a nearby hospital. The villagers helped all the members out of the bus and shifted them to Government District Hospital.

There were a total of 50 members in the bus, most of them being family members and relatives of the bride. The party was headed to Kodagu. The girl was to marry Prashanth who is a gram panchayat member.

The driver lost control over the bus as a result of brake failure. The bus swerved off the road and crashed into an abandoned house. The victims were identified as Sumathi (50), Ravichandra (49), Rajesh (45), Adarsh (14), Shreyas (13) and bus driver Shashidhar Poojari (43).

There are several others who are in critical condition. There are more than 40 people undergoing treatment at various hospitals.

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