Yashwant Sinha Fires PM: India Exported More Doses Than Vaccinating its Own People

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As vaccine supply back home dries up, India is left with no choice but to import other countries’ vaccines. Commenting on the situation, former Union minister and senior Trinamool leader Yashwant Sinha posted a video on Twitter.

It is a video of the Indian representative at the United Nations discussion. He can be seen talking about India’s vaccine drive and shared that the PM supplied more vaccine doses to other countries than use it for our own people. India helped over 70 countries and supplied vaccine to them. In this process, the people back home remained neglected.

“A 10-sec video that EXPOSES MODI. India’s representative at the UN informed the United Nations that India sent more vaccines abroad than has vaccinated its own people. Modi is now truly a world leader. Indians can go to hell,” read the tweet shared by Sinha.

In the clip, Indian representative Nagaraj Naidu said that “…in the process has also supplied vaccines to over 70 nations. In fact, as of today, we have supplied more vaccines globally than have vaccinated our own people.”

This clip is from the video that was shared back in March on the UNGA handle. “We are now confronted with ensuring the availability, accessibility, affordability and distribution of the Covid 19 vaccines,” he added. Yashwant Sinha brought this March clip back to everyone’s attention and criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policy.

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India started their COVID19 vaccine drive in January. In the past few months, the country has been exporting doses to other countries as well. India had enough for inoculation of its citizens as well as for helping other countries. But they ended up exporting so much that the country is now facing a shortage.

The country was supposed to start inoculation of those between 18 to 45 years, but due to the shortage, this plan has now been postponed. Due to lack of sufficient supplies from the Centre, the State government has stopped administering the first dose for beneficiaries and has also not taken up vaccination for those under 45 years.

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