World Lion Day 2022: Interesting Facts About Jungle King

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Every year, August 10 is celebrated as World Lion Day. The main aim of the day is to spread awareness of lions and the urgent need to strive toward their conservation. The first World Lion Day was observed in the year 2013. Dereck and Beverly Joubert, from the Big Cat Initiative and National Geographic, founded it and their main objective was to safeguard lions in their natural environment. Here are some interesting facts about Lions.

Lions are the most sociable of all the big cats. 

Adult female lions need to eat about 11 pounds of meat each day, while adult males eat 16 pounds or more every day. But they can survive without drinking water for up to 4 days.

After a hunt, adult males eat first, followed by the lionesses and finally the cubs.

Lions can also reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour in short bursts and can jump up to 36 feet.

Lion is called the king of the jungle but they don't actually live in a jungle.

Lions communicate in different ways using sounds like roars, growls, moans, and grunts.

Here are some World Lion Day Messages, Quotes, WhatsApp Status to share with your dear ones.

“Let us save the king of jungle to have him in this world for our generations to come…. Warm wishes on World Lion Day.”

“It is very sorry to see that that the animal who rules the jungle is in danger and it is because of us…. Let us save Lions to make it a meaningful World Lion Day.”

“World Lion Day is a reminder that we must all contribute towards saving lions because they need our attention, time and lots of protection.”

“Man cannot live the same way if lions are no longer a part of his food chain…. Let us save the lions for a better future.”

“There is no other animal as royal as a lion…. Let us join hands to save this king of the jungle who rules every heart…. Wishing a very Happy World Lion Day.”

“It is very sad to see lions fighting for their survival and we are the reason for it…. Save lions and help them have a protected life.”

“Let us save our Mother Earth by protecting lions from getting extinct…. Let us wake up and save them now to repent later…. Happy World Lion Day.”

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