Woman Dips Hand In Boiling Oil To Fry Food

 - Sakshi Post

Cooking is an art and some people cook different varieties of recipes in their own style. But have you ever heard of frying some food with hands. Isn't it shocking? Yes... A video of a woman frying food by using her hands has left netizens bewildered. In the video, one could see an old woman standing next to a big kadhai and instead of using tongs or any other safety equipment, she uses her hands to move the food. She also pours some hot oil on the food.

The viral TikTok video was shared by the Twitter account First We Feast. They shared the clip with a captions, “She said tongs are for losers.” Here is the video, just give a look at it.

The video is going viral online and most of the people are sharing the video on their social media accounts with different captions. One of the Twitter users wrote as, "you don't need tongs when you have iron palm." Here are some of the tweets.

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