Will Khushboo Succeed In BJP?

 - Sakshi Post

Will actress Khushboo Sunder’s joining of the BJP really help the saffron party? What will be her role in the BJP? Being so vocal, will she be able to manage the things in the BJP? These questions are now being debated hotly in the Tamil Nadu political circles.

Interestingly, Khushboo had said that there was an attempt in the Congress to marginalise and politically crush her. Moments before she sent her resignation from the Congress, the party had removed her from the post of national spokesperson. But the question remains as to whether she would be able to adjust herself to the BJP work ethos.

Strong, outspoken and no-holds-barred, Khushboo was very critical of the BJP and had always been very active on the social media in leading anti-BJP tirade. Whenever she criticised the BJP, she used to tag Prime Minister Modi. Now that she is in the same party that she had been criticising for years, will she abide by the BJP discipline? She cannot now take to Twitter at the drop of the hat. She may have to obtain BJP’s nod before making any comments. Will she be able to adjust her political bohemian behaviour with the BJP’s iron fisted regimen?

“Congress is her natural party. She had freedom to express herself and could even differ from the party stand. That is no longer possible for her once she is in the BJP,” said a Congress leader. “she is quite serious politician and works very hard to understand the situation. I feel she will be hugely successful in the BJP,” said a BJP leader.

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