Why You Must Not Blindly Rely On Google Maps

 - Sakshi Post

In recent days, more people are relying on Google Maps for directions. Though this application is accurate in urban areas of India, when it comes to rural areas people end up in the middle of nowhere. A group of foreign tourists headed to Udaipur in Rajasthan recently used Google Maps and got stuck in a village as the app misled them.

As per a report, the tourists from Germany and Uttarakhand were travelling in a car from Rajasthan’s Menar and ended up getting stuck in a slush after they took a lane that was not developed. The report mentioned that the road was okay in the beginning but turned rough after a while.

They said, “The road on which the car got stuck was so terrible that the tyres were unable to find traction. Eventually, it just got stuck in the road.”  The locals said that even they did not use the road at the time of rain. They added that a vehicle as huge as a tractor had also got stuck on the road in the past.

After the car was stuck, the tourists called their friends after travelling a distance of two kilometres on foot to guide the tractor to the spot. After struggling for five hours, the tractor was able to rescue the car.

After learning about the incident, experts asked people not to blindly rely on Google Maps alone. 

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