Why Sales Of Manipuri Towels Are Going Up?

 - Sakshi Post

That Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a style icon of sorts is only too well-known. His kurtas, his coats and even the scarves that he wears have become fashion statements.  Ever since Corona scare began, Modi sought to create awareness about the need to wear the masks. He has also showed way by using his stole or tower that he wraps around his shoulder as a mask.

Now, if one sees images of Modi of late, one would find that he is using a very special towel. This is Manipuri towel known as Gamcha. He is sporting the Manipuri gamcha these days. This has helped in raising interest in the stole that he uses. Thus, he has also become a brand ambassador for Manipuri Gamcha. Sources say that the orders for Manipur Gamcha have gone up of late.

Earlier too, Modi has used the colourful Assamese towel as his stole. The towel with bright red border and white colour has become an instantaneous hit. His promotion of Khadi too has become an instant hit and the sales of Assamese towels have gone up phenomenally. Now, there are reports that the sale of Manipuri towels too is showing an upward trend.

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