Why Everyone In Gujarat Is Afraid Of This Female Politician?

 - Sakshi Post

The BJP establishment in Gujarat, the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, is very worried about a woman politician. No.. this woman politician is not from the Opposition parties. She is from the BJP itself.  Yes. This BJP leader is posing lot of challenges to the party.

The woman leader in question is Anar Patel. She is the daughter of former Gujarat chief minister and UP governor Anandiben Patel. When Anandiben was the chief minister, she grew into a powerful parallel power centre. She used to interfere in several government departments. This has given rise to lot of controversy and those in the know say that Anar Patel is one of the main reasons for the removal of Anandiben as CM.

Now Anar Patel has become active in politics. Two years ago, she joined the BJP and is now active in organizing several programmes. She is soon emerging as a top contender for the MLA nomination.  Sources say she wants to enter the house and become a minister. This has given lot of heartburn to the BJP leaders in Gujarat. They want the party to rein in Anar Patel and feel that she could become a headache for the party in future. 

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