Why Children Are More Vulnerable To Covid-19 in Second Wave?

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The second wave of Covid19 has hit the country hard. Every day cases are being reported in lakhs. But this time, the concern is that even young children have become vulnerable. Earlier there weren’t many kids testing positive for coronavirus. It was rare cases where this would happen.

But the latest reports are confirming that even newborns and kids below the age of 12 are also testing positive. Few cases came from Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR). The doctors have confirmed that these kids recover well and do not fall in critical condition. Only in rare cases, it would happen that they require critical attention.

One such case was of a young girl in Delhi. She tested Covid positive and had to be taken to the hospital. Her condition was serious and required immediate attention. She was put on a ventilator.

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Infants are getting affected but the most vulnerable ones are kids between 5 to 12 years ago. They are showing severe symptoms. The kids are coughing badly, suffering from high fever and some even had loose motions.

A mother brought her 7-year-old son to the hospital as he was suffering from a high fever and cough. They didn’t think he would test Covid positive as the family doesn’t travel a lot, plus the boy was so young. Luckily his condition was not serious and the boy recovered with some medicines.

Doctors and medical experts are concerned as the number of children testing positive is increasing. This was not the case in 2020 but the situation is different now. The experts have advised parents to take extra care of their children and not let any symptom slip by. If the child shows even the mildest symptoms, they should be brought to the doctor.

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When compared to last year, the percentage of kids testing positive has increased. If it was 11 per cent last year, this year it is between 20-40 per cent. Experts have pointed out that people are not taking much care now. Earlier people would take a bath, sanitize themselves and take all necessary precautions as soon as they come from work, before freely roaming in their house. But now these steps are not followed by many.

The major point to remember here is that you keep an eye on the kids, do not ignore even minor symptoms and immediately consult a doctor.

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