WHO Says COVID Variant Detected in India Found in 53 Territories

 - Sakshi Post

The Covid19 strain that was mainly found in India has now been reported in other territories as well. According to the World Health Organization report, it was dominantly seen in 53 territories. Apart from that seven new territories have reported cases with the B.1.617 variant.

The report by the UN health has updated that the count is now up to 60 territories. The number keeps increasing as well. As the transmissibility has increased, the spread has also. The effects of the disease are yet to be determined.

Many reports and content shared on social media referred to B.1.617 Covid19 variant as the Indian variant. It was being said that this variant was first identified in India last year in October. That has now spread to other countries as well. WHO did not refer to this term, anytime.

The medical experts and health industry have referred to B.1.17 variant and B.1.617 as a concern. Even these variants are now mutating and causing concern.

Recently the centre asked everyone to stop using the term, ‘Indian Covid Variant’ as it spreads misinformation. They should take down any content from their pages that refers to this term or makes use of it.

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