Who Is Manisha Rupeta First Hindu Woman DSP In Pakistan

Manisha Rupeta - Sakshi Post

Manisha Rupeta is the first Hindu woman to be appointed as DSP in Pakistan. She has cleared the Sindh Civil Service examination and is currently posted in the Lyari of Pakistan. 

Manisha was born in Jacobabad, Sindhi Province. She is from a middle-class family. The father of Manisha Rupeta died when she was 13 years old. He was a businessman. The mother of Manisha Rupeta took responsibility of the family and they all moved to Karachi. Manisha Rupeta worked hard and secured a place in the Sindh Public Service Commission. A total of 468 candidates cleared the exam and Manisha scored 16th place.

In an interview, Manisha said that "Since my childhood, I have seen the patriarchial system and in Pakistan, girls can either become doctors or teachers but joining the police department is very limited." She further added that she wanted to bring a change in the system, that's why opted for a police job.

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