West Bengal Couple Choose Aadhaar Card Theme For Wedding Menu: Deets Inside

 - Sakshi Post

Wedding is something special for every couple, isn't it? A big yes. The families of the going to be couple, bride and bride groom want everything to be unique in the marriage.

Recently, a couple from Kolkata has created a unique menu at their wedding and it looked exactly like that of an Aadhaar card. The photo of menu posted on social media and it went viral. Most of the people loved it and are sharing the photographs on Internet.

Gogol Saha and Subarna Das got married recently. Gogol Saha speaking to an online portal said that it was his wife's idea. He said that they thought it is best way to tell that they both support 'Digital India'. He further added that the guests were surprised to look at the menu and some thought that they might have left their actual Aadhaar card on the table. Gogol is a sales and marketing executive whereas Subarna is a healthcare professional.

Here is the photograph of menu.

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