Watch: Why You Should Check Your Surroundings Before Opening Car Door On The Road

Why you should check your surroundings before you open your car door! - Sakshi Post

Road accidents can happen due to the smallest mistakes, but prove to be fatal to others. When you are opening your car or vehicle door while getting down on the roadside part, make it a point to check your surroundings. Or even better even before you get down check your side mirrors before you open your car door.

When you are sure of a clear way, is when you should open the door and get down. Accidents happen especially when people on two-wheelers ram into opening car doors and proven fatal for the commuters.

A video shared by Kala Krishnaswamy, Bengaluru DCP Traffic East shows why opening doors negligently proved fatal for bike riders, who ram into the door and fall under the wheels of heavy vehicles coming on the other side.

The DCP shared the video on his Twitter account where he warned people to be aware before opening the doors of vehicles and to avoid fatal mishaps.

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