Watch: Unique Way Of Serving Lassi In Langar Khana Of Gurudwara

 - Sakshi Post

Indians are known for coming up with best jugaads possible and these hacks that we innovate can often make the difficult tasks, easy to perform. Innovation is a hallmark of excellence and Indians do some things in a most creative way. It's all about being different and thinking in a unique way. Here is the video of a volunteer distributing lassi to devotees at a Gurudwara. Just look at the video and you will be amazed for sure. Here is the video for you my dear readers.

The video was shared by Twitter user Amit Agarwal and it was originally sourced from another user Vikram Kalra who captioned the video as, “A unique way of serving lassi or butter milk in a Langar Khana of a Gurudwara. They have used the cycle handle and brakes to serve lassi.”

In the video, one could see a long line of devotees sitting together to eat from the Gurudwara's community kitchen which is also known as 'Langar'. The interesting thing to discuss here is that a young volunteer poured buttermilk into the empty glasses in a different way. A steel drum is attached to the cart with wheels and a tap was fixed to the steel drum which was operated with the help of two-cycle brakes. The young volunteer used brakes to pour in the lassi into the glasses.

The video went viral on Twitter and got more than 49K views and counting. Netizens loved the idea and are commenting on the video. Here are some of the reactions from Twitter.

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