Watch: Manipal StudentTries to Sneak in Girlfriend in Suitcase

Manipal Student Tries To Smuggle Girlfriend Into Hostel By Reportedly Putting Her Inside A Suitcase, Caught By Security - Sakshi Post

A recent video clip has gone viral on social media where a student from Manipal University allegedly tried to sneak his girlfriend into his hostel room. The incident happened at the engineering college hostel in Manipal on Tuesday night. 

The boy who walked in with the trolley bag caught the security's attention and asked him to open the suitcase. The boy said that he had ordered things online and that it was very heavy. This only increased the caretaker's suspicion who then demanded to see inside the suitcase. When he had to forcibly open it out came the girl who was curled up inside. 

Watch The Video Here: 

The incident led to a series of funny posts on Social media after the incident went viral especially by the Manipal students.

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