Watch: Girl Unscathed, Gets Up And Calmly Continues Call After Goods Train Goes Over Her, Netizens Flummoxed

Watch: Woman Calmly Gets Up & Continues Call After Goods Train Goes Over Her! - Sakshi Post

In a startling video shared by a journalist on Twitter, a woman who was left unscathed can be seen calmly getting up from the railway tracks after a speeding goods train passes over her and starts talking on the mobile. This shocking video sent netizens into a tizzy about the woman’s safety and also the North Eastern Railway officials asked for the place of occurrence to verify the incident. The place of the incident is yet to be ascertained.

The video was shot by a person who was aware that the young woman was lying down on tracks. After the speeding goods train passes over her the woman who is lying down in the centre of the track calmly gets up and immediately starts talking to someone on the phone and walks towards the platform. Her face is covered with a stole and she casually gets up and continues her call while holding on to her handbag, even as the person asks her a question, presumably if she was safe. It is obvious that she was not trying to take her life and must have laid down on the track after the speeding goods train came past as she was crossing the track.

However, the reactions of the netizens were worth checking out which ranged from super funny to serious.

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