Want to Visit Mysuru Dasara? Check Karnataka Govt Guidelines For Dussehra 2021

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As the Dussehra festival started, the Karnataka government has issued guidelines to manage devotees during the festival, which is taking place in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Based on sources, only 500 people will be allowed to participate in the 'Jambu Savari' (elephant parade) in Mysuru this year.

Meanwhile, the state administration has requested officers and staff on duty, as well as artists performing at the world-famous Mysuru Dasara festival, to have a negative RT-PCR test report and at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine..

Additionally, those attending and participating in the event should wear masks, maintain social distance, and practise good hand hygiene.

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The famous Mysuru Dasara festival will take place from October 7 to October 15. Tourists from all over the world come to witness and participate in the grand celebrations.

Every year, a grand procession of the goddess Chamundeshwari's idol atop an elephant is led through the streets of Mysore from Mysore Palace.

Special pujas are also held at Chamundi hill, which can only be seen by 100 people this year, based on reports.

Last year, cultural events in the festival were limited to 50 participants and 300 spectators. S T Somashekar Gowda, Karnataka's Minister of State for Cooperation, had previously stated that the government was looking forward to allowing 400 participants and around 1,000 viewers during the festivities this year.

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