Viral Video: Nurse Slaps Doctor In Police Presence, But Why?

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Uttar Pradesh: A shocking has been reported from Rampur District Hospital. It is known that hundreds of people are dying every day as a result of the corona outbreak. 

Corona cases are on the rise across the world. Likewise, the number of people getting admitted to hospitals is also growing at an exponential rate.

Shortage of medical oxygen cylinders and hospital beds has become a common sight. The medical staff across the country is constantly offering medical care to the best of their ability and with the available resources. 

Despite the high levels of stress caused by the pandemic, the medical staff must deal with the stress of serving patients as well. Performing duties when under stress has caused both physical and mental strain for them.

As a result, many hospitals have witnessed clashes between medical professionals. In one such unfortunate incident, A fight broke out between a doctor and a nurse at the Rampur District Hospital in Uttar Pradesh. They blamed each other as well. The nurse eventually lost her cool and slapped the doctor in the face. The doctor then proceeded to assault her.

The video which has gone viral shows the nurse and the doctor assaulting each other in the presence of Police.

On Monday (April 26th), the incident occurred in front of the police. Police arrived on the scene right away, filed a report, and began investigating. Ramji Mishra, the Rampur City Magistrate, questioned the two (Doctor and Nurse) separately about the incident.

Mishra said that he talked to the doctor and the nurse separately, and they claimed that they had both lost their cool and were unable to cope with the strain of the coronavirus pandemic. An investigation into the incident is currently underway, according to sources.

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