Villagers Live In Darkness For 35 Days In Tamil Nadu To Save A Sparrow

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In a story that will move you, villagers lived in darkness for 35 days to save a sparrow's life and its family.

Residents of a village in Pothakudi in Tamil Nadu's Sivagangai district did the unimaginable. It is learnt that a sparrow had hatched its eggs on the main switchboard of the village. So, what they did was they decided not to disturb it and went around without streetlights for over 35 days to save the bird.

They came together to save the endangered species. It was when 20-year-old student A Karuppuraja came with this idea that villagers decided not to disturb the bird.

Karpuraja, who initially spotted the sparrow and its eggs said as quoted by a leading channel, "Nearly 100 families are there in this region and around 35 streetlights are used here. One day, when we were passing by the switch board, we noticed that a sparrow had laid three eggs. We immediately took pictures of them and posted it in our village WhatsApp group, and asked people to cooperate and not use electricity connected to the switch box so that the eggs hatch and the bird grows."

All the streetlights were connected to the switchboard. They then disconnected the line and kept the streetlights off for 36 days in Tamil Nadu.

Isn't it a wonderful story to share. Come to think about it!

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