Vadodara: Two Held For Making Russian Vodka Watching YouTube Videos

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Two persons were arrested by Gujarat police for preparing duplicate vodka at home with Indian liquor by watching YouTube videos

Gujarat: Vodka from Russia is in high demand all over the world. A 750 ml bottle can cost anywhere between Rs 2,000 and Rs 5,000. In a shocking incident, two people are said to have manufactured their own fake Russian vodka at home. More than 250 cartons were seized by Gujarat police in Vadodara. The duo was arrested and is being held in custody.

Vodka, in particular, is widely imitated around the world. In this case, the two were able to make foreign liquor from the domestic liqueur by watching YouTube videos. The Panigate cops were taken aback by the accused's tactics.

The Panigate police department received a tip-off on the business. Bhavesh Kahar's house on Waghodia Road was immediately raided. Bhavesh Kahar was making and selling counterfeit foreign liqueurs from his home, according to the source.

Bhavesh was filling Russian vodka bottles with jugs of domestic liquor with the help of his friend, Vijay Khatal. They were converting domestic liquor into vodka by adding chemicals to it. It is packaged in the same way as the rest of the company's products. That makes it appear to be the same vodka (duplicate). They claimed to have learned this by watching YouTube videos on how to make vodka at home.

The cops were taken aback by their ingenuity. There were also cases of domestic liquor bottles in every room of that house. They were all around them.

The investigation will determine who is selling them, who is buying them, and how many people are involved in the scam, according to police.

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