Vaccine Tourism: Now, You Can Visit Russia and get 2 Shot of Sputnik V too!

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As people are willing to get vaccinated, they are ready to take the dose as early as possible. They are also willing to travel to other countries for this purpose. The top choice as of now in Moscow.

To fulfil this idea of people wanting to travel to other countries and also get the Covid vaccine jab, a Delhi-based travel agency has come up with a unique offer. There is a 24-day Covid vaccine tourism package special where a person can travel to Moscow and also get the two doses of the Sputnik-V vaccine. The trip is so long because you will need to give that much gap between the two doses. To pass the time there, you will also be offered sightseeing and other activities.

This is a unique way for someone who wants to get vaccinated and also spend some relaxing time out of the country. A spokesperson from this travel agency shared that a person travelling to Moscow under this package will receive their first shot on the next day of arrival. Until now, they have sent at least 30 individuals in their first round.

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Many are now opting for this unique travel program and have gone to Moscow for vaccination. The second batch of people will be leaving on May 29. Likewise, they will be sending off people in batches. The travel cost includes air flight tickets, food and a couple of days of sightseeing.

Russia is the only country that is allowing the entry of Indians. Naturally, individuals who test negative upon arrival will only be allowed to stay. The country hasn’t even mandated 14-day quarantine. Apart from Russia, no other nation is currently allowing Indians to come for ‘vaccine tourism.’

Along with this, Russia is also exporting the vaccine to India in batches. The second batch of the Sputnik V vaccine arrived in Hyderabad, Telangana. Russia has said that they will provide with all the help they can and stand with India in their fight against Covid19.

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