Ugadi 2021: Traditional Delicacies Made On Kannada New Year

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Ugadi is a major festival celebrated in the southern states of Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. The term Ugadi derives from the Sanskrit word Yugadhi.  Where "Yuga" means new period and "aadi" translates to the beginning. Ugadi marks the beginning of a new Hindu lunar calendar.

Ugadi falls on "Chaitra Shudhdha Paadyami". This is generally the time in late March or early April of the English calendar.

 Ugadi is celebrated by decorating the temples with fresh flowers and fresh mango leaves. Most people also decorate their homes and puja rooms.

On Ugadi, the New Panchanga (Hindu calendar) is worshipped and Bevu-Bella is consumed. It is also celebrated as a Hindu New Year. We have listed few Ugadi special dishes for you to make on this festival.

Carrot Holige:

Carrot Holige or Carrot obbattu is a sweet, carrot stuffed flatbread. Making carrot holige is very easy and good for health.

Mavinakai Chitranna :  

Spiced, tangy rice made from raw unripe green mangoes. This recipe is inspired by the raw mango rice that is famous in Karnataka cuisine. Tempered rice made from raw mangoes is a popular dish in Andhra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Rave unde:

A quick and easy recipe of Rava ladoo made with semolina, Khoya (evaporated milk solids) and desiccated coconut. This quick ladoo recipe gets done in just 20 minutes. 

Shenga Holige:

Shenga holige is very popular in North Karnataka. This flaky, crispy flat-bread with a soft & sweet filling of the peanuts & jaggery will definitely win your hearts.

Gasagase payasa :

Gasagase Payasa or Poppy Seeds Kheer is a healthy and soothing kheer prepared with the goodness of poppy seeds, coconut, and jaggery.

Besan Ladoo:

A premium and traditional Indian sweet recipe made with chickpea flour, ghee and sugar. Besan Ladoo is a creamy, golden-hued, melt-in-your-mouth dessert balls often made during festivals

Kayi Holige:

This simple Indian sweet is famous in Karnataka.  It is generally made with lentil and jaggery combination with different types of flours coating.

Kesari Bath:

Kesari bath or Kesari Baat is a sweet Indian food that is common throughout the country. The classic ingredients used for its preparation are semolina, sugar, ghee (usually), water, and milk. 

Carrot Badami Payasa:

Carrot Badami Payasa is a tasty dessert prepared using carrot, badam (almond) and milk. Carrot Badami payasa is a kid-friendly recipe. 

Halu Holige:

Halu in Kannada means milk. Holige is a sweet dish. It is like a sweetened bread(roti) and is prepared on special occasions.

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