Twitterati Suggests New Names For Webinar, Anand Mahindra Wants This Word Banned!

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Anand Mahindra shares interesting videos, hilarious clips, and some motivational stuff through his Twitter. The Chairman of Mahindra Group has 7.8 Million Twitter followers. He took to his Twitter to share an important message. Mahindra shared a picture that reads as, 'Free Webinar: How Manufacturing Can Embrace Remote Working". Decoding the lines, may be the business magnet was called for a webinar.

He said that he wanted to ban this new word, 'Webinar' from the dictionary even though it was a relatively recent entrant? He tweeted as, "If I get one more invitation to a ‘webinar’ I might have a serious meltdown. Is it possible to petition for banishing this word from the dictionary even though it was a relatively recent entrant??" Here is the tweet.

In recent days, due to the coronavirus induced lockdown, 'Webinars' are increasing and most of the people are willing to invest the time to educate themselves through such sessions. After Mahindra posted the tweet to ban the word webinar, the Twitterati is giving alternatives to the word 'Webinar'.

He also said that his family had also been suggesting some customised labels to replace Webinar. He wrote as, "To alleviate my annoyance at the word ‘webinar’ my family suggested more customised labels... a webinar organised by a gentleman from Chennai would be a ‘Webinarayan’. A webinar by a guru would be a ‘Swaminar’. More ideas are welcome."

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