Twitter is Right, Masala Dosa Tastes Better With Hands: British HC Alex Ellis

British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis Savours Mysore Masala Dosa! - Sakshi Post

BENGALURU: Alex Ellis the British High Commissioner to India made news today after he tasted his first Mysore Masala Dosa. He posted this news on his Twitter handle as a mark of his first visit to Bengaluru on Wednesday.

Delicious  #MysuruMasalaDosa!! A great way to begin my first visit to #Bengaluru, he tweeted.

As soon as he posted this picture of him eating the Dosa with cutlery, it set off a series of tweets ranging from how wonderful it was to eat dosa... to welcoming him to the Kannada region. But most of the tweets were about how he should have eaten the dosa with his hands and fingers, which would have enhanced the taste and brought his senses alive.
Another Twitter user said, " Mr.Alex, you're supposed to eat Dosa with hands. Unlike crepes, Masala Dosa is quite crisp in nature, it'll be counterproductive to eat Dosa with a fork. But nonetheless, Welcome to Bangalore and I hope that Dosa lived up to the expectations of our city." Some were worried that he would be trolled for using cutlery for eating the South Indian tiffins.

After which the British High Commissioner actually went on to post a poll asking, ”So South India; how do I eat tomorrow’s dosa in a poll question and got his answer on how to eat the yummy masala dosa.

The British High Commissioner being a good sport that he was, on Thursday posted a video of him eating the dosa with his hands and tweeted, “92% of Twitter is correct! It tastes better with the hand.'' In a mock gesture of first taking the fork and knife in hand, he then he looks at his mobile drops the cutlery and eats the dosa with his hand, and relishes it.

He writes in Kannada ‘Masale Dose Bombat Guru’  and gestures at the camera that he loved the taste after eating with his hand.

Check out the video here: 

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