Twitter Deletes Tweets Criticising Modi Government Over COVID Crisis

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The central government is facing a lot of slack for the way they handled this pandemic and the decisions taking during this time. Indians are angry and are expressing their disappointment through social media.

While most of the tweets made by the common man are present, Twitter deleted few posts that were by opposition parties. In these posts, the leaders were criticizing the BJP government for the way the situation panned out.

A total of 50 tweets were deleted including those by Congress MP Revanth Reddy, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera and West Bengal Minister Moly Ghatak. These posts mainly spoke about the handling of Covid19 by the Modi government and the Kumbh Mela Failure. 

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It was said that the central government asked social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter to delete posts that cause panic and spread false information. This is when Twitter removed as many as 50 tweets. Such posts are meant to instil panic among the public and should be deleted immediately.

This is not the first time that an issue regarding the deletion of tweets has happened. Earlier the social media platforms were under fire for deleting many pro-farmers protest tweets. Facebook was questioned for restricting the pages made to raise awareness of the situation.

Although Twitter hasn’t spoken on the matter yet, a spokesperson shared that the platform only takes such decisions after reviewing Twitter rules and laws.

Coronavirus Situation in India 

Such tweets come at a time when the country is facing an adverse situation with the second wave. The numbers of Covid cases being reported in India are increasing every day. On Saturday, a total of 3.4 lakh cases were reported with 2,624 deaths.

Delhi is one of the worst-hit states and the state had to fall back on lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus. Besides Delhi, seven other states have also recorded a huge number of coronavirus cases. 

Kerala, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat lead in vaccines per capita. Maharashtra is one of the worst affected states, lagging far behind these states. Some of the other states such as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Jharkhand where there are more cases are also lagging, even behind Maharashtra in vaccine coverage.

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