A Tweet By British Professor On Idli Sparked 'Idli War' On Twitter

 - Sakshi Post

We never know what becomes a trend on Twitter and what becomes a topic of discussion on social media. Now, all the south Indians are coming together on social media to raise their voice against a British professor's tweet. Yes! What you heard is correct. Don't think that the British professor has spoken about some grave issue. He just answered a question posed by food delivery app.

To a question, "what's that one dish you could never understand why people like soo much" asked by Zomato, Professor Edward Anderson tweeted as, "Idli are the most boring things in the world." That's it... The Idly War came into the picture. Most of the people took to their Twitter and tweeted about Idly. Celebs like Shashi Tharoor also gave his opinion on Idli. Here are a few tweets from Twitter.

Finally, Edward took to his Twitter and posted a photo in which one could see him ordering a plate of idli. He tweeted as, "Having accidentally enraged the entirety of South India (and its omnipresent diaspora) on twitter, it was only right to order idlis for lunch. I'm very sorry to report that my unpopular - or "blasphemous", as some have said - opinion remains unchanged."

Here are some tweets from Twitter account of Edward.

Idli is a steamed rice cake that is generally eaten with a chutney or a sambar. It is one of the most comfort foods for Indians and is called as a gut friendly staple breakfast. This is a popular dish with South Indians. Food writer Vir Sanghvi calls it the best known South Indian dish in India and perhaps, the world.

Democratic vice-presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris during her address to the Indian American community in August said that, “Growing up, my mother would take my sister Maya and me back to what was then called Madras because she wanted us to understand where she had come from and where we had ancestry. And of course, she always wanted to instill in us, a love of good idli.”

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