Truth About Shah Jahan Chopping Off Hands of Taj Mahal Workers

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We have all heard the story, the legend behind the Taj Mahal, and how it was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of Begum Mumtaz. But what also comes along with that story is the claim that he ordered for the craftsmen’s hands to be chopped off after the completion of the wondrous monument.

But what is the truth behind this?

Many historians claim that there is no substantial evidence to back this claim. It is just an urban myth glorified.

It is a well-known urban legend that Shah Jahan chopped the hands of those who built the Taj Mahal. "I can state that there is neither any evidence to back this account nor has any respectable historian ever made this claim," historian S Irfan Habib told. It's worth noting that this urban legend dates back to the 1960s, and I first heard about it from a friend. There is, however, one significant difference. The tale has a communal twist today, whereas back in the time it was nothing but a joke. 

Over the years, there have been many theories and researches done to fact-check this urban myth.

The Times of India revealed a number of Taj Mahal myths in 2017, including the one with the craftsmen's hands.  "This myth contradicts the existence of Taj Ganj, a large hamlet that still remains today."

Emperor Shah Jahan built it to house the thousands of masons, artisans, and other employees who had gathered from all over his kingdom. The article stated that "the descendants of those employees still reside there and have kept alive their forefathers' skills. 

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