True Love: Man Donates Kidney To Wife As Valentine's Day Gift

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Husband turned savior on Valentine's Day.

He gave an organ to the wife who has done so much for him.

Netizens shower praise. This news is now going viral.

On Valentine's Day, a man happily came forward to donate his kidney to his wife to save her life. The husband gave one of his two kidneys as a gift on Valentine's Day, embodying the saying that husband and wife are half of each other. The subject is now going viral across the country.

Here goes the tale of Ritaben Patil and Vinod Bhai Patil's love and sacrifice from Pune. Ritaben Patil from Ahmedabad, Gujarat has been suffering from Autoimmune Kidney Dysfunction for the past three years. Doctors are currently dialyzing her as her kidney function is completely damaged. If she does not have a kidney transplant, she would have to undergo dialysis for the rest of her life.

Ritaben's husband Vinod Bhai Patil could not bear to see his wife's condition. He found out that a kidney transplant was the only way to get his wife back to normal. Vinod was ready to donate his kidney to his wife. With this, on the 14th of February that is Valentine's Day doctors operated on Ritaben and transplanted the kidney given by her husband. It was also their 23rd wedding anniversary on the same day.

Speaking to local media on the matter, Vinod said that his wife had been his companion during difficult times. "How can I leave my wife alone in such a difficult time for her?" That’s why I decided to give my kidney. Call it love or call it responsibility.'' Vinod Bhai replied. The news is going viral on social media on Valentine's Day. Netizens are overwhelmed with praise for the deed done by Vinod Bhai. Ritaben hopes to recover quickly and return to full health potential soon.

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