Tractor Rally Becomes Intense: Protestors Breach Red Fort, Hoists Their Flags

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The farmers’ tractor rally has now taken an intense turn. After breaching the borders, hundreds of protesting farmers have now reached Delhi’s Red Fort, a few minutes ago (Tuesday). Following the Annual Republic Day parade, the farmers have now managed to enter the Fort.

The protestors are arriving on tractors and motorcycles. The police are trying to control the protestors, while many of them continue to enter the fort.

According to the Delhi police, the farmers have disobeyed the terms and conditions. They strayed away from the agreed places where the rally was supposed to be held. Instead of holding the tractor rally at the borders, the farmers breached all the borders and fought the police security to enter the capital city.

At around 12.30pm, the farmers’ tractor rally reached ITO, Sarai Kale Khan from Ghazipur border. A group of farmers even vandalized a DTC bus in the ITO area. In order to breach the barricades; many protestors attacked the police officers. This led to a commotion, where both the farmers and the police officers ended up fighting each other. The officers even used tear gas.

Following the ITO commotion, the farmers now reached Red Fort. A protestor was seen hoisting their saffron and green flag from the ramparts of Red Fort, while another one managed to climb the highest wall and hoisted the flag on the Fort’s pole.

Before reaching Red Fort, many DTC buses were vandalized at ITO in Central Delhi. Some protestors were even seen riding the tractors at high-speed trying to run over police officers. Many were injured and were immediately taken to hospital.


Farmers arrived at Delhi's Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar after crossing the Singhu border. Police used tear gas, lathis and other methods to stop the farmers. Many including farmers and police got injured during the process.

When asked about the rally and the aggression by the protestors, one of the farm union leaders said that these protesters are not their people. Instead they were sent by political parties in order to damage the farmers' peaceful rally and in turn ruin their agitations. 

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