Top Tech-enabled Warehouse Automation Products In India

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The increased adoption of automation technologies, coupled with the spurt in connectivity, has resulted in fruitful propositions for industries such as e-
commerce, manufacturing, logistics etc, which have turned out to be more efficient as well as resilient. A very crucial node in the supply chain that exists between businesses and their end consumers is the makeover or automation of the warehouses at a large scale. Here we look at a few top tech-enabled warehouse automation products that can be leveraged by businesses in India to boost their overall efficiency.

Atmos A42N:

It is an autonomous case handling robotic system that has the potential to enhance inbound as well as outbound efficiency of a warehouse.  Introduced recently in India by warehouse automation solutions provider Atmos Systems, A42N comes with a load capacity of 150 kg and is equipped to handles cases of different sizes. The robotic system can enhance the storage density of any warehouse by up to 130%, once connected with the business management system of the warehouse. Engineered with reinforcement learning and deep learning, the ACR system has a height of 6.5 metres for higher shelving and its powerful battery allows it function non-stop for five hours. 

Falcon Pop Up Sorter:

Developed by one of India’s leading warehouse automation companies, Falcon Autotech, Pop Up Sorter System is an ideal solution for low speed and gentle sorting application of boxes, cartons etc. As the system is extremely cost effective, it is a sought after option for warehouses with low to medium volume. Based on a highly modular design, the sorter system can yield throughput of nearly 1500 sorts every hour. It is designed for handling of the extremely gentle product even in tight spaces to ensure lower maintenance and quicker ROI. 

Armstrong Robotic Palletizer:

The robotic palletizer by Armstrong Ltd is another essential for warehouse automation, as it results in higher throughputs while improving the workplace ergonomics. The palletizer is designed to palletize different materials such as crates, containers, or cartons, varying in shapes and sizes. While the cost entailed is minimal, it is equipped enough to handle complex distribution operations. Also, there is a wide array of palletizing solutions offered by Armstrong, such as robotic palletizer, depalletizer, pallet conveying, pallet lifts etc. 

Ranger Robot Series:

Powered with AI-driven software by GreyMatter, the Ranger series of intelligent robots adapt to real-time events. It has powerful processing along with
intelligence capabilities at the bot level, enabling self-correcting of path and recovery. Compliant with both local and international security standards, the series is built using durable components, powered with adaptive learning. Also, these robots communicate with each other to readjust fulfillment priorities.

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