These Indian States On Alert For COVID Third Wave

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India is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and there is a danger of a possible third wave of COVID-19 in the country. The government is making all the preparations to handle the situation. We have seen how worst the second wave of COVID-19 was. There was a decline in the number of coronavirus cases in the last few days but from a couple of days, the COVID-19 cases are rising.

On Friday, a total of 44,230 new infections have been reported in a day, while the recoveries have crossed 3.07 crore. The death count increased to 4,23,217 with 555 new fatalities. The situation of COVID seems to be under control but coming to Southern states, the cases are increasing. Not only Kerala but also Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have reported a slightly higher number of new coronavirus cases. The R-factor is increasing slowly.

The Chennai Institute of Mathematical Sciences revealed that the R-factor is increasing in Delhi and Pune. The R-factor was 1.37 during the peak of India's second wave of COVID-19 (March 9-April 21). The R-factor slowly decreased during May 15th-June 26th and it was 0.78.

As the situation came under control, people have started their work. Now, again during the period of July 3rd-22nd, the R-factor increased to 0.95. The reproduction factor is an indication of the transmissibility of a virus, representing the average number of new infections generated by an infectious person in a totally naive population and the R-factor shouldn't increase the value  1.

In Kerala, the R-factor is 1.11 and in the northeastern states except Tripura and Manipur, the R-factor in all other states has crossed 1. The situation in Uttarakhand is also alarming.

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences team said that people have to be very careful and there is a chance of increasing the number of coronavirus cases in the next two weeks where the R-factor has crossed the number 1.

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