Swiggy: Indians Ordered Chicken Biryani The Most During COVID-19 Lockdown

 - Sakshi Post

The coronavirus induced lockdown has made people stuck to their condos and no more having food from outside. The lockdown started on March 22nd and people across the country are not going either to their favourite restaurants or pubs.

Food delivery platform Swiggy revealed that they have got 5.5 lakh orders for chicken biryani during this lockdown period. It was followed by butter naan and masala dosa at 3,35,185 and 3,31,423, respectively. Swiggy also said that they have delivered nearly 323 million kgs of onions and 56 million kgs of bananas.

According to the survey, a total of 65,000 meals were ordered by 8 p.m, every day to make sure the food arrives in time for dinner. A significant number of consumers used the evergreen college hack of surviving on instant noodles. Approximately 3,50,000 packets of noodles have been ordered during the lockdown.

Swiggy delivered 40 million orders via milk, grocery stores, medicines and other household goods during the lockdown period. More than 73,000 bottles of sanitizers and hand wash along with 47,000 face masks have been delivered.

Approximately 1,29,000 choco lava cake orders have been placed to fulfill those sweet cravings in the last few months of the lockdown period. This was followed by orders for gulab jamun and chic butterscotch mousse cake, according to the report. Nearly 1,20,000 birthday cakes have been delivered during the lockdown.

Swiggy's 'Hope, Not Hunger' campaign also raised Rs 10 crore, which helped to provide 30 lakh meals to people in need during the lockdown.

In 2019, Indians ordered on an average 95 biryanis per minute or 1.6 biryanis every second from Swiggy. In fact, biryani is the most common first order by new users on Swiggy, according to the company's fourth yearly 'StatEATistics' report on India's food ordering habits.

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