No Patient Should Be Denied Admission Over Identity Proof: Supreme Court

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New Delhi: The number of daily cases reported in India is increasing. It is now in the 2 lakh to 3 lakh range. The situation is becoming difficult to control. Under the given circumstances, the centre is trying everything it can, but many feel that it is not enough.

It was said that total lockdown is our last resort and as much as possible we shouldn’t even consider it. But looks like it is time to consider a lockdown. On Sunday, the Supreme Court made a few major announcements. Firstly it directed all the states to accept every patient. All the hospitals are to allow patients and not deny them admission based on lack of identity proof.

The central government was directed to devise a national policy that will ensure the admission of all patients into the hospitals regardless of them providing a resident or identity proof. The Bench headed by Justice DY Chandrachud gave the centre, two weeks. This policy will be followed by all the states.

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Every state follows their own regulations and policies for the admission of patients. There is no standard procedure. The lack of a uniform policy has created chaos. There needs to be a standard policy that is to be followed all across the country.

With the increase in cases, one of the biggest concerns of not just the patients but also the hospitals is the availability of beds. Even when the hospitals want to take in the patients, they can’t because there are no beds. Along with beds, it is also oxygen supply that has caused a problem.

The Supreme Court directed the centre to devise a plan to ensure that the oxygen supply continues well. Plan for surplus stock of oxygen. Furthermore, the Top court urged the centre to consider a lockdown to curb the second wave of Covid19. If it comes to this, a tough call will have to be taken.

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