Students Play CAT And Mouse Game!!

 - Sakshi Post

The COVID-19, the consequent lockdown and the resultant job losses appear to be having their effect on the Common Admission Test (CAT 2020) for entrance into top business management courses. As against 2.44 lakh candidates, this year only 2.30 lakh have applied for the test. This is the lowest since 2015, when only 2.18 lakh candidates took the test.

Though the IIM directors claim that his is a marginal loss, the candidates seem to be wary of taking the examinations due to Covid scare. Also, the global financial meltdown and the extensive job losses across the world are also putting of the youth from taking up the job.  Sources also say that covid safety concern could also be one of the reasons. Even the engineering entrance examination has significant number of absentees this time, they argue.

Some parents have said that the IIM courses cost around Rs 25 lakh. Given the kind of the job losses being faced by the youth, is this investment worth it, they asked.  The course fee in IIM Ahmedabad is around Rs 23 lakh, while in IIM Kolkata, the course costs Rs 22.50 lakh and at IIM Bengalure, it is Rs 23.20 lakh. The CAT examination would be held on November 29.

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