Several States Have Notified Draft Rules for 4 Labour Codes: Union Minister Rameshwar Teli

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New Delhi: Replying to a query from YSRCP Rajya Sabha member Vijayasai Reddy, the Minister of State for Labour and Employment Rameshwar Teli has said that several states have already notified the rules and regulations on the four Labour Codes, which have been enacted in Parliament.

He said that as per the latest information, 28 States including the Union Territories have notified the draft rules for the Code on Wages 2019. The minister said as many as 23 States/UTs have pre-published draft rules pertaining to the Industrial Relations Code while 22 States/UTs have done so for the Code on Social Security. Also, 18 States/UTs have pre-published draft rules under the Occupational Safety and Health Code and Code on Wages.

While responding to another question on whether the central government was considering setting a deadline for the respective states to notify the rules on labour codes, the minister said  that the State governments have the power to make rules and regulations regarding workers. The Centre, therefore, said that the respective states should take appropriate steps to formulate rules and regulations pertaining to the Labour Codes after enacting them. He said the Center was holding regular meetings with the States and Union territories on the issue.

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