Seer Goes Nude To Protest Against Highway Toll Fee

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In a bizarre incident, a seer staged a nude protest against the levying of toll fee. The incident occurred in Karnataka’s Doddaballapur. The incident, which came to light quite late, has created quite a sensation.

According to the police, Swami Dr Arudha Bharathi Swamy was proceeding to his ashram in Gauribidanur from Bengaluru in his car. Swamy is the head of the Sri Sidha Aroodha Mission in Gauribidanur. At the Tippaganahalli toll gate, Swamy’s vehicle was stopped by the toll officials.

They demanded that he pay the toll fee. Demanding that the government exempt seer, heads of mutts and sanyasis from paying the toll gate, Swamy shed all his clothes and sat in front of the toll booth. He went into meditation soon.

He said collecting toll fee from Swamis and seers was an insult to their monk order. As he sat nude and in meditation, a small crowd gathered around the Swamy. Left with no option, the toll booth officials gave in and said that there would no toll for the seers. They requested the Swamy to board his vehicle and proceed to his ashram. Though the incident occured a couple of days ago, it has come to light only on Wednesday.

This is the first of its kind protest by a swamy against the toll fee. The Swamy’s decision to protest nude has now become the talk of the town. 

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