See How Netizens Are Reacting After Nithyananda Bans Travellers From India To Kailasa

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The number of coronavirus cases are increasing in India. Most of the people are planning to escape to an island where there is no fear of getting affected with COVID-19. Now, Indians are not allowed to visit the island of 'Kailasa' located off the coast of Ecuador for now. The Island was set up in 2019 by self-styled godman Nithyananda. 

In a statement, Nithyananda stated that the devotees from India would not be allowed to enter his island. In his 'Presidential Mandate', he mentioned that travellers from Brazil, European Union, and Malaysia are banned from entering the island. The Official Account of the SPH JGM HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam, reviver of KAILASA - the ancient enlightened Hindu civilizational nation shared a tweet with the caption, "KAILASA's #PresidentialMandate Executive order directly from the #SPH for all the embassies of #KAILASA across the globe." Here is the tweet.

Kailasa has its own cabinet, prime minister, and a dedicated website. Nithyananda even launched his own "Reserve Bank of Kailasa" in August 2020 to print "Kailashian Dollars".

In the latest statement, he wrote, "All Kailasians, Ekailasians, volunteers associated with these de facto embassies of Kailasa are to quarantine themselves and adhere to the precautionary measures advised by the local laws."

After the tweet went viral, the Twitterati reacted to the news in a crazy way. Here are some of the tweets.

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