Security Forces On Lookout For Mastermind Behind Srinagar Attack ‘Chhota Walid’

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Srinagar: The security forces are currently in search of a Pakistani terrorist known as 'Chhota Walid’, who is believed to be the behind the attacks targeting minorities in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir that has been happening for the past week.

The terrorist, who is known to have spent at least two previous spells in Kashmir, infiltrated the Indian Territory roughly 20 days ago, according to sources in the defense and security sector. It was said that the attacks were done by local terrorists but the mastermind behind them was 'Chhota Walid’.

Several phones were intercepted and inputs gave a hint that the local terrorists' Pakistani supervisors are pressuring them to carry out such strikes.

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At least four to five groups of terrorists have managed to enter into Pakistan-occupied Kashmir in the last two months, suggests the information from security authorities. Each group has around four to six terrorists.

It was said that the Army was able to foil some infiltration attempts, killing many terrorists and recovering a huge cache of weaponry and ammunition, there are signs that some groups were able to get entry.

Since the attack on Hindus and Sikh minorities in Kashmir began on October 5 which has resulted in the death of at least four, the Jammu and Kashmir Police and other security forces are on the lookout. There are multiple search operations going on now.

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