SC Dismisses Anticipatory Bail Plea Of Controversial Activist Rehana Fathima

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NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday dismissed anticipatory bail plea of controversial activist Rehana Fathima's in connection to the cases against her for allegedly circulating a video in which she was semi-nude, allowing her minor children to paint on her body.


The apex court added that it was a "little baffled" at the kind of case that has come up before it.

The case against Fathima is that she asked her children, a boy and girl aged 14 and 8 respectively to paint on her semi-nude body. The video was shot by the her and uploaded on social media.

A bench of Justices Arun Mishra, B R Gavai and Krishna Murari said this kind of thing is unthinkable and would leave the society in a bad taste. It observed as to what kind of impression the children will get about the culture of this country through such videos.

Senior advocate Gopal Shankaranarayan, appearing for the petitioner, said however that strangely, the allegation of child pornography has been made. He said that a lady, a mother, asked children to paint on her half nude body.

The bench said, "What kind of matters are coming? It’s little baffling."

It said that she may be an activist but this kind of thing is unthinkable.

“What is the impression this will give to the children about the culture of this country,” the bench observed.

Shankaranarayanan said that in this country, if a man stands half nude there is nothing but if a woman does so, then there is all this.

He said the court should just ignore this individual and look into the anticipatory bail application as search and seizure has been done in the case and the statement has been recorded. Shankarnarayanan sought to know as to why is custodial interrogation needed now in this case.

He said that children are clothed but they have added sections of child pornography.

The top court said that it would leave the society in bad taste and everything has been considered by the high court in detail. It said that the petitioner is using a child to paint on his or her body. The bench dismissed the plea.

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