Petrol, Diesel Prices Slashed: Check Rates Here

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Petrol and diesel prices saw a drop for the second day in a row. This is the second time that there has been a reduction in fuel rates in 2021. This was the result of a drop in global crude oil prices. On Thursday, March 25, oil companies decided to cut the prices on fuel. For petrol, it was a 21 paise cut and on diesel, it was 20 paise.

Petrol went from 90.99 per litre to 90.78. Similarly, diesel was 81.30 and came down to 81.10. As we can see that the drop was not that high and will not be much of a help to the citizens. But this sure is a step in the right direction. Because the global oil prices see a further drop, it might also push the Oil companies to reduce the prices as well.

Although the reduction in prices from oil companies’ side will probably provide minimal relief to the citizens, it will not change the fact that petrol and diesel prices are relatively high in India. This is also because the tax is high on fuel.

Nevertheless, there was a small drop in the prices and it is something as of now. In Delhi, the price of diesel was ₹81.30 and it later came down to ₹81.10. Similarly, in Mumbai, it was ₹88.20 as of today. Along with diesel, petrol prices also went down in major cities by a few paise.

Here are the fuel prices in different cities of India

Delhi – Petrol is ₹90.78, Diesel is ₹81.10

Kolkata – Petrol is ₹90.98, Diesel is ₹83.98

Mumbai – Petrol is ₹97.19, Diesel is ₹88.20

Chennai – Petrol is ₹92.770, Diesel is ₹86.10

Bengaluru – Petrol is ₹93.28, Diesel is ₹85.99

Hyderabad – Petrol is ₹94.39, Diesel is ₹88.45

Jaipur – Petrol is ₹97.31, Diesel is ₹89.60

These are the petrol and diesel rates across major cities in India as of today.

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