Reading of Ugadi Panchangam: Significance

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Though Indians follow Gregorian Calendar, they celebrate New Year as per the Lunar Calendar which begins from Chaitra Masam ShuklaPaksha Padyami. Scholars in ancient times determined that this would make it possible to calculate time.

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Everyone listens to the Panchang on Ugadi as the new year begins from this day. Panchanga shravanam (Hearing about Zodiac signs, this year) is performed in the presence of scholars in the temple or a spiritual place. Elders after learning how the stars work for us, perform some rituals to prevent the difficulties that may occur during the year.

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According to the Puranas, it is learned that people who listen to this Panchang will be blessed with a happy and prosperous year.

Apart from knowing about the zodiac signs and planet movements, we also read how is the rainfall going to be during the year? What will be the condition of the crops would be explained by the scholars. Farmers will be benefitted and can plan accordingly.  

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